j PKIXP - Pakistan Internet Exchange Point

Inauguration of Islamabad IXP by Ms. Anusha Rahman, Minister for IT & Telecom (27th Jan, 2017)
Establishment of Pakistan IXP

Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) are vital elements of Internet infrastructure that enable networks to exchange traffic with each other. Multiple Internet Service providers (ISPs) can connect at a single IXP, creating the potential for a range of technical and economic benefits for the local Internet community. By keeping local traffic local and avoiding international links, local operators and users can reap substantial cost savings, provide substantial local bandwidth, and significantly improve local Internet performance. [ITU]

Pakistan Internet Exchange point Pakistan IXP has been formed to provide local infrastructure for fast accessibility of websites, hosted on local ISP, within Pakistan, to improve quality of service and to lower down the bandwidth cost, so that end user of Internet can be benefitted. Pakistan IXP has been hosted at independent and neutral location of Pakistan Educational Network (PERN) of Higher Education Commission (HEC), to give equal opportunity for all participating ISPs and mobile phone operators.

Pakistan Internet Exchange Point 2021